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Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas

Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas
Elsje Designs creates fun & functional gifts, stationery and table decor with a true South African touch


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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Feature: Daniela & Casper

It is always a visual delight to look at Lizelle Lotter's photographs.  Somehow, she knows how to make magic happen.  Lizelle, thanks for the CD with photographs - I hope many brides would find inspiration from these amazing pictures!

Daniela, you were so much fun to work with.  I will always remember your warm laugh, creative inspiration that you brought with all the way from Holland.  I was so excited to work on this wedding!  Thanks for pushing my creative boundaries.


Lizelle wrote on her blog:
What an awesome privilege to be part of Casper and Daniela’s wedding. Since the first day i met up with Daniela and her sister, i knew this was going to be one special day. They are such an awesome team and i loved all the detail that went into their day. The “semi outside” reception was such a treat after a hot day.

Thanks you thank you thank you Casper and Daniela, I enjoyed photographing you so much. (You will see i blogged way too many, but couldn’t choose!)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another beaufitful beach wedding

A few months ago I published a lovely letter that Jayne wrote to thank us for her wedding.  Since we are still enjoying summer, I thought it a good idea to publish a few more beach weddings and DIY ideas.

The couple:  Jayne & Andries
The photographer:  Wesley Vorster
Stationery:  Elsje Designs

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Awesome DIY decor idea

Since all of you know by now that one of my biggest passions is decor, I'll gradually be moving more towards this direction - especially in my blog posts.  Let me know if you need any ideas, suggestions or topics you would like me to blog about. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion to treasure

Two on Toast is launching tomorrow!  If you love fashion, this would be very much worth it, a discovery of treasures...

I'll be there from 11am onwards, so please come and say hello and meet the very gifted Gina and Jayne - the two most fashion foward girls I know. 

There'll be bubbly, something to nibble and beautiful clothing, jewelry etc - what more can you want on Human Right's day?!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

For the love of fonts II

31. LiebeErika by LiebeFonts, $30
32. Mary Read by Melle Diete, $45
33. Matilde by Type Depot, FREE
34. Mishka by Fenotype, $30
35. Muncie by Lost Type Co-op, FREE
36. Nelly Script by Tart Workshop, $39
37. Packard Old Style by Red Rooster, $60
38. Parfumerie Script by Typesenses, $30
39. Respective by Mans Greback, FREE
40. Saissant by Magpie Paper Works, $54

41. Saltpetre by Magpie Paper Works, $32
42. Samantha Script by Laura Worthington, $29
43. Sudestada by Sudtipos, $59
44. Sympathique Pro by Canada Type, $30
45. Trithart by Emma Trithart, $25
46. Vermandois by Magpie Paper Works, $76
47. Verner by Fenotype, $35
48. Victoria by Eric Carlson, $25
49. Weingut by FaceType, $12
50. Wisdom Script by Lost Type Co-op, FREE

Saturday, March 17, 2012

For the love of fonts

Some of my favourite fonts:
As one can expect of any graphic designer:  they all seem to be freaky font addicts!  Well, I'm not any different and share a few of my favourites with you.  Especially after DuWayne (a well known Cape Tonian photographer) actually quizzed me this week, as to where I buy my fonts.  Thought it would be nice to share this info with all of the other font freaks like me.

And as inspiration to DIY brides:
The key to DIY wedding invitations that don’t look DIY? A fabulous font! This post doesn’t even begin to do justice to these beautiful typefaces, so make sure to click through and see them in action – some of them will really blow you away.

1. Aguas Frescas by Chank, $29
2. Ambassador Script by CanadaType, $70
3. Aphrodite Pro by Typesenses, $1
4. Attic by YouWorkForThem, $30
5. Aunt Mildred by MVB Fonts, $39
6. Baronessa by Juraj Chrastina, $3
7. Belinda by Mikas Melvas, $35
8. Belluccia by Correspondence Ink, $39
9. Bodoni At Home by Giuseppe Salerno, FREE
10. Bookeyed Suzanne by Tart Workshop, $30

11. Breathe by Lián Types, $20
12. Brioche by Jessica Hische, $79
13. Buttermilk by Jessica Hische, $49
14. Carolyna Pro Black by Emily Lime, $89
15. Cerise by Magpie Paper Works, $69
16. Channel by Mans Greback, FREE
17. Cheap Pine by Hannes von Döhren, $25
18. Chopin Script by Diogene, FREE
19. Cowboyslang by Hannes von Döhren, $30
20. Dear Sarah by Betatype, $119

21. Emily Lime by Emily Lime, $29
22. Fidelia Script by Melle Diete, $50
23. Gelateria by Flat-it, $20
24. Guadalupe by Latinotype, $29
25. Harmony by YouWorkForThem, $20
26. HoneyBee by Laura Worthington, $27
27. Jacob Riley by Magpie Paper Works, $32
28. Jane Austen by Pia Frauss, FREE
29. Jeeves by Red Rooster, $79
30. Lavandería by Lost Type Co-op, FREE

Friday, March 16, 2012

Simplicity & Authenticity: A beach wedding with a difference

Recently I consulted on a wedding that was a bit different to many of the weddings I’ve been involved in – it was simple. And that’s what made it beautiful.

They didn’t do many of the things we take for granted as being part of a wedding – there was no church, no aisle, no music. There were no tables or chairs or table settings. No real speeches, no waiting for ages while photos were taken and no massive haul of presents, but what was there was what mattered most to the couple.

The ceremony was on the beach at Pringle Bay, with the bride & groom and almost everyone else barefoot. The space was help lightly by a spray of tall paper pinwheels, and the ceremony was outlined in fans of silvery layers that shone in the sunshine.

The ceremony started with the bride and groom walking onto the beach from opposite sides with their families in tow – the people who matter most. And then the personalized vows lead to the rings being carried happily in by Phoebe the Fox Terrier who was in attendance dutifully the whole time.

A ring ceremony allowed everyone to take a moment with the rings (on the safety of a ribbon!) and send them back around to the couple who finalized their commitment with a traditional broom jump to a group countdown, and then glorious showers of pink Erica flowers – we felt the fynbos confetti suited to the stunning fynbos of the area, and it worked a treat.

After a couple of photos on the dunes, they retired to the beach house where silver throws, hundreds of cushions on the lawn and stone walls, and a scattering of proteas in silver tea-pots and glass bottles welcomed everyone to sit back, literally, enjoy a glass of wine and then peruse the menus we had printed onto pillows before tucking into the crayfish braai.

And later to leave a message tied to the couples’ broom for future good wishes, and memories of a lovely, soul filled day on the beach with good friends.

Simple and true to the couple, it was such a good reminder that weddings are about the people involved.

The bride is, other than a recent bride, a brand expert who has also been working with me on understanding the brand that I’ve built in Elsje Designs, and also exploring the exciting and nerve-wracking possibilities of what that brand is and could be in the future.

Anneleigh has been a revelation in this process, not only because she has so much experience with brands in so many different contexts, but also because she listens. She knows her stuff, and then she listens and feeds back and helps you figure out your stuff.

And so from what I know about her, and what I’ve learnt about brands and branding from her, it was quite fitting that her wedding was simple and authentic because that is pretty much her mantra for working with brands!

She likes to say that brands are about telling the real stories of a business. If you can tell someone simply what it is you do that really – really - makes you stand out from the crowd, then you know what your brand story is about. And then you can shape everything about your brand authentically. And that is what she’s helping me do with Elsje Designs – and so far it’s been wonderful and I highly recommend her if you’re grappling with a brand or figuring out where your business’ real story is.I feel so fortunate to know such wonderful people – especially in a time of change which is exciting but scary. I hope you make a point of surrounding yourself with the best people when you face changes too.

It makes sense, doesn’t it, that her wedding - like the brands she tends - should have been the epitome of beautiful simplicity.

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