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Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas

Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eco trends in stationery

Eco Trends in Stationery

By Patricia Norins

Eco-conscious consumers have been voting green with their wallets for a while now and green paper has consistently been a top eco-staple. As technology makes new kinds of papers and recycling options available, the variety of green stationery grows ever stronger and attractive. Here are some enduring trends in environmentally and socially conscious stationery that no retailer can afford to ignore.

Inking the Deal
Vegetable dyes and soy inks are environmentally friendly alternatives to petroleum-based inks. Green vendors are increasingly switching to these inks and dyes to create vibrant and colorful patterns on a variety of stationery. Elsje Designs invested in a vegetable ink printer about 2 years ago, not only does it print superb quality but its also environmentally friendly - we love it!

Recycled Still Rules
Looking for a “must-have” when it comes to green stationery? Look no further than recycled paper stock—a no-brainer for true greenies. Even better, recycled paper is more than just a nod toward the eco-conscious; it looks chic and far removed from the dull papers of yesteryear. It’s no wonder—recycled rules! Pop into the studio to see our latest range of beautiful recycled papers.

Tree Huggers
Who says you have to cut down trees to make paper? Not any more. Paper made from stones and other easily renewable materials is catching on. Elsje Designs are stocking sugar cane paper, bamboo paper and even plastic recycled paper - we love these new environmentally friendly papers. Even better, the manufacturing process consumes significantly less energy than traditional ones.

Can’t Pooh-pooh This!
Talk about true recycling! All manner of dung is getting a second look as a component for fun stationery. Elephant dung leads the charge here. Stationery products made from this truly renewable material look great and, as an added bonus, tell a great story. And yes, they don’t smell.

Sow Green!
A veritable garden in a card. Such is the thesis of the plantable card which was introduced a couple of years ago and has grown in popularity ever since. The cards (and bookmarks too) are impregnated with seeds and the entire package can be planted in any garden. The idea continues to please green thumbs and non-gardeners alike. This lovely paper product is manufactured in the Western Cape by previously disadvantaged women.

Doing Good
It’s a twofer that most consumers love—buying a gift that will also do good at the same time. Socially conscious stationery vendors are coughing up proceeds of sales to a variety of charities and consumers love to join in the effort. Elsje Designs is passionate about this concept and have been doing it for the past 10 years!

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