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Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas

Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashionable Friday: more on winter trends

Women's Winter Clothing Trends

2010 will be an exciting year for fashion; experts predict that we'll emerge from the global financial crisis and, as a result, we can expect to see a new standard of fashion rise up. Introducing 2010/11 fashion trends.

Long Scarves
Scarves as well as shawls are indespensable accessories for every woman. They create a special look and make people pay attention to the wearer.

One can tie a scarf around her neck to stay warm, to enliven a dull oufit or make the look more exquisite. Scarves no longer serve as items protecting us from cold or wind, they have become versatile and fashionable accessories.

This season designers offer us to wear long and wide warm scarves. These can be of a simple design, adorned with pom-poms, etc. Besides, one can wear more than one scarf and look perfect!

Jewelry belts. Such belts look glamorous and tender and serve as nice decoration to an evening outfit. But you can wear it with your casual clothes as well if you wish to look feminine. Jewelry belts are embellished with stones, metal details, clips and rivets.

Belts of unusual design. These belts serve as adornments to your garments too but they are not as rich in details as jewelry belts. They are all of average width but made of different materials including leather, wood, metals, etc.

Clutch Bags
It is not a secret that women love handbags. They love them as much as shoes or even more than that. Some ladies follow fashion trends when they choose a new bag, others just buy a bag that they feel will look great.

Clutch bags are always with us and this is quite explainable as we just cannot do without them when we go to a party or a special event. And in everyday life many women prefer clutches for their size and look. Clutches of this season come in a huge variety. Some are rather simple and can be worn with casual clothes.

Military fashion
We'll forgive you if your first thought is "military, again?". Yes, military remains a trend for Autumn / Fall 2010 but not as you've previously come to know it. Following on from Spring 2010 the women's military trend, like the men's, turns away from the pomp and ceremony of military inspired clothing we've become accustomed to, and takes its cues from 20th Century military uniforms. From army green to shearling lined boots, it's now a trend that's far more subtle but no less appealing.

Strong Shoulders are back!
They are called huge shoulders, peaked shoulders, power shoulders, shoulder pads - remember the 80's? This is coming back as and big trend! It is ideal for formal jackets, dresses, blouses and can be perfectly paired with fur, gloves or belts.

Cut out clothing
Normally a clothing style exclusive to Spring / Summer, the cut out / cutaway made a big impact on the Autumn / Fall catwalks. And it did so for more than clothing, but accessories as well. Seen in a variety of styles, with the cut out pieces worked directly on top of skin or 'filled in' with sheer fabrics, the cutaway detailing can be worked from the subtle to the sexy. Designed for the milder days.

Knee high socks
Given that thigh high boots are on trend and that they can't be worn every day (unless you've amassed a big collection) there has to be an alternative with similar appeal. Hence for Autumn / Fall 2010 you'll find yourself rummaging through your sock draw and donning a pair of knee high socks. Or over the knee socks. Or thigh high socks. From the sporty to the sparkly, to layerings of socks over tights; a great pair of socks can add that extra, and much needed, eye catching detail to an outfit.

Women's camel coat
Despite having been popular on the catwalks, the camel coat didn't make a strong appearance on the streets until late Winter 2010. We blame that fact on the fierce weather that blighted so many seasons. Better in Autumn and in late Winter (with Spring on the horizon), the camel coat is the alternative to the classic trench in 2010.

Sheer clothing
Cut out and sheer? No, we haven't got our seasons mixed up. Yes, sheer pieces are in for the cold months. Yes, we agree that sounds a little strange. But no, it doesn't look strange. Anything but. Mixed with fine laces, the sheer trend in 2010 mixes elegance with sex appeal - and isn't that the current, overarching theme to all fashion trends? Come this Autumn / Fall have the confidence to mix your sheer clothing with other trends and key looks .

Thigh high boots
Over-the-knee boots are the must-have footwear for Autumn / Fall 2010. Once considered only for the daring, those wearing this shoe trend will find the tops of their boots creeping up even higher with thigh-high boots also in the mainstream. From elegant suedes to futuristic wound-and-bound leathers, the options are many and various.

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