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Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas

Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cool lemonade served... and you're invited!

Pop in for a cool and complimentary glass of lemonade!

On top of it, we are still in a generous mood: the consultations in January free of charge - hurry to make your booking now as we are almost fully booked!

More on Lemonade (some useless but interesting information)

It is believed that lemonade was originally created by the medieval Egyptians over 1500 years ago. At this time in Cairo, the bottles of lemon juice were mixed with sugar to make a popular drink known as qatarmizat.

But it officially started with limonade in France. It was simply water with some pure lemon juice added for a spritz of flavour. In french the addition of -ade adds action or process to a noun. When you’re using something that blocks, it is a blockade. So using lemons in your drink naturally made it lemonade.

However, as the word got nabbed by the English, it was solely meant as the drink, such that the -ade suffix now refers to any carbonated soda beverage in the UK. They have lemonade, limeade, orangeade, or other-ades depending on the flavour. In England, Australia, and a few more countries lemonade could refer to any sort of lemon-lime soda similar to Sprite or 7-Up brands.

The American style lemonade, which is a mix of water, lemon juice, and a whole lot of sugar may be called cloudy lemonade in Europe, but it would be very difficult to find in a store. In India and Pakistan (where fruit punch originated) lemonade would be called nimbu paani, but it might also add some salt or ginger to the ingredients.

But you know what they say; When life gives you lemonade… make lemonade!

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