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Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas

Pushing the envelope with trendsetting ideas
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make up magic - thanks Naomi!

When I started my business 10 years ago, one of my first clients was a beautiful young Naomi Wessels and her handsome fiancee, Glen Broomberg.  We became instantly friends and I was a guest at their lavish Franschhoek wedding.  This time round, I was privileged to have Naomi and Glen at my wedding!  Ten years later...

Not only is she a fashion stylist but also a well known make up artist and, as you can imagine, both of these came in really handy!  Naomi was a real friend with late night frenzied phone calls and giving all sorts of advice - much more than just clothing and shoes!  

On my wedding day we decided make the most of the view and she did my make over sitting on a stoep overlooking the beautiful valley (it was a clear Karoo summer's day with a cool breeze). It couldn’t have been more memorable, the breathtaking view, my serene mother-in-law, Barbara, joined us for a few laughs and kept us company, while Erika, my brother’s cute red headed 10 year old daughter, was fascinated with the make up process – commenting all the time!

It was a very special afternoon, surrounded with very special people. Thank you Naomi, you made me feel like a glamorous and gorgeous.

Naomi and I had lots of fun, trying on dresses, shoes, earrings – having such a close and trusted friend help make these (often overwhelming decisions) much easier.  Not only is she very talented at what she does, but she always has a wise word and is such a bubbly, fun person.

Naomi B Collection

If you ever need advice regarding make-up or personal fashion styling, you can drop Naomi an email at Her and her family are in the process of emigrating to California, so (sadly) she isn't doing much work locally anymore. She has, though, started importing a clothing range(Naomi B Collection) which she sells privately and if you want to know more about that or when Sale Days are, just send an enquiry to the same email address.

Herewith a few make up tips for your special day:

1. A well-manicured brow
Enhancing a full, sculpted brow makes you appear more polished and takes years off your face.

2. Flawless foundation
The trick to appearing perfectly airbrushed is making sure the foundation is fully absorbed into your skin, rather than simply sitting on top of your skin. I bought Primer recently from Woolies and can recommend it.

3. Warm, cheerful cheeks
They make you look happier than muted tones do—and that's the idea on your wedding day, right? Try a cheerful shade of pink.

4. Don't skimp on the lips
Wear plenty of color to plump your pout. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to finding your perfect shade. Try on a variety of shades at the makeup counter until you find "the one."

5. Naturally you but even more beautiful
Your make up should be an enhancement of what you normally wear. For example, if you usually go for the natural look, stick to natural colours but slightly stronger. You don't want to try out blue mascara and red lipstick! Remember your fiancé is marrying you, so he should at least recognize you! Saying that you should define your features stronger than what you usually do, so they show up in photographs. You should feel comfortable in the make up you are wearing, this is not the time to try out anything drastic.

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